Indoor plants have an essential role to play in every interior design. Did you know that indoor plants are known to be mood boosters? Most people prefer keeping indoor plants because they are easy to maintain.

Best indoor plants are known to offer great health benefits, and some can be used as indoor décor. Below, we enlist 4 low-maintenance best indoor plants that you can keep in your home. Consider sticking until the end of this article to find out.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen is also referred to as Silver Bay Aglaonema. It is a strong plant that requires little maintenance to keep it thriving. According to a study, this indoor plant survives well during the winter seasons and requires less water. It will always look green and fresh the entire year. If you are a beginner, consider keeping Chinese Evergreen because it is easy to maintain.

Snake Plant

This is another great low-maintenance best indoor plant. Snake plants are known to be drought resistant and can only be watered when they are extremely dry. You can water it at least twice a month. They are also known to be great air purifiers hence recommended for bedrooms.

Snake plants do not require a lot of light and can be kept in a slightly darker room. They are known to be pests resistant, and when keeping them, you are rest assured of an insect-free home. However, when keeping snake plants in your home, it's important to be cautious, especially if you have kids and pets. This plant contains saponins on its leaves, and it's considered toxic to both humans and pets if consumed.


Are you looking for a low-maintenance indoor plant? Whether you are a beginner or expert in plant keeping, consider getting the aloe plant. This is a great indoor plant for someone who has a busy schedule and doesn't have time to water their plants.

Aloe can survive well in a dry environment since it stores water in its leaves. This plant rarely wilts, so the best way to know if it needs water is by checking the soil.

It's important to note that this indoor plant is highly adaptable under high room temperatures. Consider placing it near the window so that it can get enough light. Apart from being a low-maintenance indoor plant, Aloe also has great medicinal benefits.

Spider plants

These are the best indoor plants that can adapt to any environmental condition. Their survival rate is very high and hence is commended as low maintenance indoor plants. They can survive well under minimal light and possess great benefits.

Spider plants act as air purifiers and are considered non-toxic hence safe for pets and children. They can survive well in dry areas and require little water. Consider watering twice a month.