There are different types of ceramic products. Ranging from kitchenware, interior décor, car coating, among others. Some well-known examples of ceramics are terracotta, pottery, fine china, porcelain, bone china, paper clay, glazed earthenware, and stoneware.

Firstly – there’re Handmade!

Firstly, we should consider the manufacturing and building of these masterpieces. All of these artifacts are handmade – we could even examine the delicacy and perfection of human in their structure. Ceramic is manufactured by burning clay at very high temperatures. Ceramics can be found anywhere, and most people use ceramic products in their daily lives. Most of these products are fragile, hard, and non-compressible in nature. Ceramic has been used for over a thousand years.

Ceramic products are classy and known to be expensive. In this blog post, we provide you the top 3 reasons why ceramic products are expensive. So stick till the end to find out.


Ceramic products made from porcelain are commonly known for their durability. The durability is a result of porcelain burnt at extremely high temperatures. The fact that most of these products look fragile, they are extremely firm and hard.

Ceramic products such as dinnerware are mostly made from porcelain. So next time, before shopping for your next pretty dinnerware sets, you now have an idea of which products to go for. As much as they are expensive, they are totally worth it.

Quality material

Most ceramic products are expensive because of their classy nature. The quality of their material is outstanding. Producing ceramic products requires skills and expertise. People who make and ceramic design products are well trained.

Despite being expensive, they are also easy to maintain. For example, ceramic cookware needs very low maintenance compared to other cookware made from aluminum or iron.

When cleaning ceramic cookware, all you require is a soapy sponge, warm water, and you are good to go. Because they are made from clay and quartz, ceramic cookware is expensive as compared to stainless steel cookware. However, since they are expensive, their high quality makes them totally worth it.

Highly effective

When we look at a car, all we see is its beauty and how appealing it is to the eye. Little do people know that ceramic products play a huge role in that. The ceramic coating, which is also referred to as Nano ceramic coating, provides an additional layer for your car.

The thin, ultra-fine coating that is usually applied over cars normally seals the surface and makes it water-resistant. This coat is highly effective and protects your car from chemicals, scratches, and excessive heat.

Ceramic coatings are established on advanced nanotech and proven to be extremely effective compared to sealants and wax. When the ceramic coating is applied to your car, it solidifies into a glass element and gives solid protection.